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Important Information

  • Discounts:  Deduct any discount when and if applicable.

    • $225.00 discount on K to 12 grade Full Enrollment payment before April 1sth. (Two installment agreement available)
    • $200.00 discount on Full Tuition Payment before May 27th.
    • Third child receives a 20% Tuition discount and fourth child a 30% Tuition discount.

  • Non Refundable Charges

    • Application Fee ($100.00 per Student)
    • Enrollment Fees (Registration, Building, Others Annual)
    • Current Month's Tuition
    • Graduation Fee

  • Payment Terms: Registration, Building Fee and Other Fees are due as soon as parents are notified of acceptance.

  • Extra Charges: A 10% late fee will be assessed to accounts paid after the 5th of the month, including extended day program fee.

When you proceed to make the payment online you agree and understand that the following charges are non-refundable:

  • $100.00 Application Fee
  • $1,300.00 (Initial building fee), $515.00 (Annual building fee) or $300.00 for new families enrolling in PK
  • $825.00 Registration fee or $600.00 after early enrollment discount
  • $515.00 Registration fee for students enrolling in PK
  • Applicable Annual Tuition
  • Graduation Fee



Payment Description